October 10, 2020

The Live Dealer Casino - The Sweet, The Bitter and The Dilemma

Kwabena Ofori
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With online Casino revolve so fast, the industry has completely up the ante with the integration of the Live Casino game which is otherwise known as the Live Dealer Casino. To learn about the Live Casino, you definitely must have to know about online casino games. If you are a lover of the social engagement experienced in a casino, you will get it here as well yet virtually.

The Live Dealer Casino - The Sweet, The Bitter and The Dilemma

Typically, when you play any online casino game, you are set against some machine with some certified RNG churning out the outcome spin after spins. This is where the tale of the Live Casino comes with a twist, with this advancement, you be testing your skills directly with another human in a direct head-to-head situation making your re-live that real traditional casino experience, albeit, in the comfort of wherever you chose to be without moving a step out.

The Sweet

Well, now that you know that online live casino is a regeneration of what happens in a traditional casino, I will be sharing with you some sweeteners that have made it stand out even more. The Live dealing comes with a high degree of camaraderie where you can run endless conversations with the dealer and also with co-players. All these you will experience in High-Definition streaming, the multiple camera angles, sparkling lighting, good enough not miss the expertise hand as it played out by the dealer. More importantly, you are winning in real-time. You will have to Deposit your money as usual and with the pushing of some exotic looking button your screen you will dealing and winning just as normal, you will even hear the cheers and jeers.

The Bitter

Is every human endeavour perfect? Absolutely no, so I won't be telling you all about Live Dealer Casino is 100%. It has got it flaws too but most are what can be managed except it goes absolutely beyond control. One of such is the poor internet reception which can lock you out of a game abruptly but again, your internet has to be extremely poor to experience this.

Usually, most of the live casino dealing are optimized to work with weak reception without an issue. If you are the type who would like to be on the move at all time and would not love to perhaps walk around in a casino as part of why you visit a real-life casino, then this live dealer casino might not be for you.

Some players also like the game to run at a fast pace where they easily and quickly change hands or tables without delays. Then this might piss you a bit because you know this game is run virtually and the dealer has to wait for players to in turn bet, deal their hands, make decisions; all these might eat just a little more time than usual.

The Dilemma

For every gamer, there is always that iota of doubt about the whole live casino ecosystem. The usual suspects are thinking how a dealer can successfully attend to thousands of people globally at the same time. This has worked efficiently with facts to back it. It is designed in such a way that each there is a schedule for dealers servicing all the table games.

So when you locate a table you wish to try your hands on but is filled up, be rest assured that you will be notified when a table is available so you can explore like a king. More importantly, there are several tables with thousands of studios being run from several parts of the world so you won't even have to hang on for so long before a table light up for space available.

And just like a real brick and mortar casino, you can always spot people sitting next to you and then interact.

Quick tips on how to play like a Pro in Live Casino

First, get used to the several buttons on keys, you don't want to fluff your hands due to lack of familiarities with the buttons. Read reviews of the table game you choose to play ever before playing, it will give you an idea. Do not get stuck on a particular game or table, they are thousands available to experience. Don't choke while playing, feel just as free as a bird that you will be on a real-life casino.

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