October 11, 2020

Online Bingo: Tips to Increase Chances of Winning

Kwabena Ofori
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In present-day online casino gaming, the Bingo has grown in leap and bound gaining more attention. Usually, people have seen the traditional bingo as a time-waster because of the turnaround time before a game gets to finish especially during a surge period when a lot of people are involved. However, with the emergence of the online version, this notion has been quelled with the involvement of technology, a plus to online casinos.

Online Bingo: Tips to Increase Chances of Winning

While there are many strategies to winning a Bingo game, this article will rather focus on the few hidden tips you should employ to fend off competition even when everyone on the table is exploring similar tacts or strategies. This is just those little things you must know and do to outsmart fellow competitors.

Irrespective of the strategies, just put these tips to use and you could be smiling at all times.

1. Bingo Cards Accrued:

This particular tip will only help you increase your chances of winning simply by the number of cards you hold which will artificially increase the number of people playing, however, you are the multiple players. Breaking this down, if there are just 9 people in a Bingo Room and you buy a card to be 10th person, your chances of winning are 1/10.

To apply this tip, you will go ahead to buy 9 more cards, effectively making the number of players artificially 19. This is allowed, and it will boost the chance of winning by the 10 cards from 19 which is a 52% probability to your advantage while other players' stake is widened to 1/19. This will cost you more money but so will it increase your chances. Finally, ensure when purchasing your multiple cards, go for cards with several scattered numbers across all the card.

2. Play at Low Surge Period:

Again, this is not a strategy but a tip which most time defeat strategies. The joy of playing a Bingo reach rooftop when the number of people involved is many per session. This will certainly increase the winning purse, especially if there is a progressive jackpot, it is always massive but the bane is that the chances of winning will reduce drastically by the number of people involved.

A bingo room that has a small number of people will not boost a big purse or progressive jackpot but you can win in quick time which will in long run defeat a big jackpot; this is, however, relative though. For your information, online casino bingo is super busy between 18:00 to 10:00. Those are time people are off work. You should best play Bingo in the Afternoon when the rooms are less crowded, a time when people are at work.

3. Choose Bingo Calls and Card Patterns Carefully:

This is usually tricky to deal with but if you can find a balance and stick to your guns, you will be boosting your winning chances a bit more. It is no brainer that the pattern on a card or the game type plays a pivotal role in the probability of a player winning a Bingo game. A Bingo of 50-ball will have a 50 call of numbers and a lot quicker to finish than a 75-ball Bingo which will attract the number to be called 75 times.

It is a known fact that the higher the number, the bigger the amount that can be won with smaller numbers having smaller winnings but quicker turnaround time. You should also A lookout for the pattern, cards with simpler patterns finish in time but pay less. Those seemingly complicated card patterns are difficult to round off but incredibly profitable. So choose wisely according to the strategy you are adopting.

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