October 12, 2020

New Online Casino Rules Hit the UK Market as Reform Looms, Major Concerns Outlined

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A new set of rules to produce online games has been introduced by British gaming companies as they are trying to combat problem of gambling in the face of imminent industry changes. Slowing down spin rates on slot machines, banning many contentious game features and increased accessibility to cleaner gaming details are new steps.

New Online Casino Rules Hit the UK Market as Reform Looms, Major Concerns Outlined

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has released the new Code of Conduct, which is aimed at ensuring more stable gambling principles before market entry. The Game Cycle speeds are set at least at 2.5 seconds under the new structure. The use of turbo plays which allows players to increase the tempo of games and playing multiple slot at the same time, these has allowed players in time past have the possibility to place multiple stakes in different games simultaneously, this has also been prohibited.

What the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) are Saying:

The BGC have affirmed that this new shake up will be full swings by the end of the month of October. In an exert from the statement by The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) chief executive, Michael Dugher:

“Online gambling companies have cashed in on the pandemic, making more profit and putting more lives at risk. It is important to remember that the vast majority of the nearly 30 million UK adults who enjoy an occasional flutter every year, either on the lottery, bingo, sports, casinos or gaming, do so perfectly safely. The new Game Design Code of Conduct is yet another example of our determination to address concerns head on and meet our safer gambling commitments”

How Acceptable are these Reforms - Industry Countenance?

The sector is ready to reconsider the regulations on gambling amidst worries about the rising number of players who are facing problems in the UK. This year, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the problem was also scrutinized with MPs advocating for a full ban on gaming ads and the maximum amount that can be wagered with playing in any online casino.

The upcoming changes have prompted top players to employ senior politicians to lead them through the revision. Betting giant 888 named Lord Mendelsohn, ex Blair Adviser, whereas Flutter, former Labor deputy leader and outspoken anti-gambling activist Tom Watson, was named as a consultant last month.

Key Area Considered for Major Shake Up in New Reform

These are a few of the critical areas where people in positions of authority considered the most important for reform to take preferential treatment. Stake constrains for all online slot related title not exceeding £2 on the basis that potential damage can be caused.

  • Longer times in slot games between spins.
  • Proposed general prohibition of VIP and enticements programmes.
  • Any ads involving gambling activities are totally forbidden.
  • A complete overhaul of Gambling laws in the UK (there are consequences of effectively redundancy of the UKGC – UK Gambling Commission).
  • New customers deposit cap can be confirmed until affordable.
  • Customer surveillance is more effective.

What Could Have Prompted a Reform

In June 2019, a story in the Guardian explained how the five largest UK gambling companies were ready to raise funding to help gambling addiction, six-fold to £ 60 million per year, but this was effectively labeled as bribery.

Potential Impact of this Reform

There are several different consequences that this may have, not only economically, but also from a social viewpoint, dependent on how stringent each suggested reform is and if it is enacted. A potentially unthinkable scenario is if there is a complete ban on advertisements for gambling brands in the UK (by conventional means). This will once again mean that gambling companies will have to evolve more to ensure that, particularly when it comes to new offers and promotions, they could still get their point through. Overall, prevalent advertisement controls are impossible since, in terms of taxes per year, the gaming industry has been one of the prominent factors of revenue for the government. if this were to happen, the big gambling firms would totally drop out from the UK market and switch to the more open European and American markets.

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