November 10, 2023

Fanatics: The Competitive Advantage in the US Sports Betting Market

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Fanatics: The Competitive Advantage in the US Sports Betting Market

According to LiveScore Group CEO Sam Sadi, Fanatics has the tools to come out on top in the race between the two major newcomers in the US sports betting market. Speaking at iGaming 2024: The Future of iGaming, Sadi highlighted the superior knowledge and experience of the Fanatics team, giving them a significant competitive advantage over rivals ESPN Bet.

The Competitive Advantage of Fanatics

Sadi believes that Fanatics has a better chance of winning because of their understanding of the industry. Many of their executives, management, and engineering team come from Sky Bet, giving them the expertise to build a world-class sportsbook. Fanatics is willing to be patient and construct an entire ecosystem piece by piece, ensuring that every component is best-in-class.

The Challenges Faced by ESPN Bet

On the other hand, Sadi expressed doubts about ESPN Bet's chances of success unless they address the difficulties they face with Barstool and invest heavily in technology. He emphasized the importance of understanding what's missing and being patient in order to overcome these challenges.

The Future of Convergence in Sports Betting

Sadi also discussed the topic of convergence in sports betting, highlighting the potential for innovation in this area. He noted that many technology resources are currently focused on remaining compliant in the over-regulated industry, limiting investment in innovation. However, by including convergence in a fully owned ecosystem, there is room for improvement and the opportunity to make a difference.

Player Engagement and Retention

The event also featured discussions on player engagement, retention, and loyalty. Joanna Beaton, Head of CRM at Kwiff, emphasized the importance of personalized experiences in retaining players. She highlighted the need to understand player profiles and utilize data to create tailored onboarding journeys.

Adrian Căpriţă, CRM and VIP Director at Superbet, echoed the focus on retention and the challenges posed by stricter regulations and deposit limits. He emphasized the need to stand out in a saturated market and build loyalty through positive experiences.

Tom Dyson, Head of Gaming Managed Services at EveryMatrix, discussed the role of brand marketing in player retention. While brand recognition is important, Dyson believes that the product and the overall experience are key to engaging and retaining players.

Key Takeaways

  • Fanatics has a competitive advantage in the US sports betting market due to their superior knowledge and experience
  • ESPN Bet faces challenges that need to be addressed in order to succeed
  • Convergence in sports betting presents opportunities for innovation
  • Personalized experiences and positive initial experiences are crucial for player retention
  • Brand marketing is important, but the product and overall experience are key to retaining players

In conclusion, Fanatics has the better chance of coming out on top in the US sports betting market. Their understanding of the industry and willingness to invest in technology and build a world-class sportsbook give them a significant advantage over ESPN Bet. However, both companies need to focus on player engagement, retention, and providing positive experiences to build loyalty in an increasingly competitive market.

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