March 2, 2022

Apply These Easy Techniques to Make Money Online

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Want to make some passive income, right? Look no further than the internet. Technology has opened up a world of unlimited opportunities regardless of your geographical location. All you need is just a smartphone or computer, the internet, and a bit of drive to start working remotely. But that’s easier written than done practically as you must find a reliable and trustworthy way to make money online. Below are some of them:

Apply These Easy Techniques to Make Money Online

Launch a blog

Blogs are simply informal websites where skilled writers share their opinions and views on numerous subjects. Actually, there are multiple profitable niches to write about. For example, you can open a gambling blog to review top online casinos. If you’re a skilled sports book or casino player, you can also share tips and advice on your blog. Believe it or not, even pros don’t know it all.

Web & app development

Are you a Computer Science or IT graduate? Don’t sleep on your hard-earned skills. Technology is taking shape pretty quickly. Companies and startups are constantly upgrading their systems to embrace the current digital realities. To get such clients, simply sign up on gig platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and CloudPeeps to advertise your skills. Remember to customize your profile correctly to indicate your field of profession.

Sell eBooks

In this era when most people can access smartphones and computers, people are ditching physical book libraries in favor of online books. Therefore, take advantage of this windfall and package your skills into a downloadable and readable copy. There are multiple online selling platforms, as well. You can sell your books on platforms like Amazon, Payhip, Fiverr, Blurb, and so on. But as expected, you’ll pay a commission after closing a sale.

Promote an affiliate program

So, what’s affiliate marketing? This is basically performance-based marketing, where a brand rewards a third-party publisher for every visitor brought to the site. Just imagine it like a referral program. That said, many websites will be glad to make you an affiliate marketer. An excellent example is 1xBet, which allows affiliates to earn money on their social pages or blogs. In short, you’ll be paid for each player that signs up and deposits via your website.

Open an online store

Long gone is when Amazon and eBay were ruling the online market. These days, online stores sprout up everywhere on social media platforms. The best thing about opening an online store is that you don’t need huge capital. Just identify the goods you want to sell and create an online store for a small fee. For example, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API allow you to reach potential clients and sell your goods straight from your phone.

Sell photos

This one is one of the best ways to make money on this list. If you own a digital camera or your phone camera is good enough, transform it into a money-minting scheme. Websites and organizations are everywhere looking for royalty-free photos and videos. Websites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, iStock Photos, and Getty Images will gladly accept your photos. Note, however, that the photos must be of impeccable quality.

Do translations

Translations are another underrated but highly rewarding online niche. You only require fluency in at least three or four international languages apart from English. For example, a website can hire Italian or German writers on gig websites mentioned before. 

However, proof of your translation abilities might be necessary. But don’t worry because most companies will simply put you through a translation test. This ensures you don’t use a translation tool on the actual job. 

Be a virtual assistant

Many people are overwhelmed with the pace of life that they simply lack time for themselves and their families. Delegating tasks to real or virtual assistants is the only option for some. So this is an open opportunity to grab. For example, influential people hire assistants to manage their accounts, social media, email, etc. And yes, you don’t need any prior skills with this job.

Do online surveys

Have some time to kill? Then stop following celebs on Instagram and Facebook and do an online survey. Yes, they pay peanuts in most cases. But taking a paid online survey can bring in $800 per year, which perfectly falls under the passive income category. 

Many survey sites pay money or gift cards. For example, Swagbucks has paid out over $6 million so far for merely answering simple questions. Another alternative is Toluna, which has multiple daily surveys, and payments are made via PayPal.


Go ahead and utilise some of our tips to earn real money instead of playing Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds on your phone. In fact, they are so many things you can do online that they all can’t fit into a single page. But before getting excited, note that patience is key here, especially with careers like freelancing and blogging. It will take time to build a brand, remember!

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