December 2, 2021

What is Slingo? All You Need to Know

Kwabena Ofori
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So, what is Slingo? As the name suggests, Slingo is an online casino game that offers the perfect blend between slot machines and bingo. Although people have been enjoying Slingo since 1994, it’s only until 2015 that Gaming Realms got the full rights to this game.

What is Slingo? All You Need to Know

Initially, Slingo was designed to be a free-to-play game, although the most recent versions offer real-money gameplay. Often, you’ll play it on a 5x5 grid, resembling a 75-ball bingo card.

Underneath, you’ll see a single row reel, hosting numbers, and symbols that are crossed off the card. You still don’t understand it? Keep reading to learn more!

How to play Slingo

If you visit the best online casinos, there is a 101% chance you’ll play online slots and bingo. Now combine the intrigues of both games and put it on a 5x5 grid, displaying up to 25 random numbers. The digits are drawn from the standard 75-ball bingo format.

Along the grid’s bottom, you’ll see a single slot line or reel. It displays five numbers or symbols on every spin. Usually, players get 10 to 20 spins, with the aim of chalking off as many numbers on the cards as possible. Gamers must complete coveralls and lines on the board resembling a bingo card to win the round.

As you create the winning lines, you get win points awarded for various reasons, like marking off an entire line or card. Then, the cash prize is awarded depending on the number of points you amass at the end of your allotted spins.

Meanwhile, the excitement keeps on trickling in when icons such as the devil and joker leap out mid-spin. For example, landing the joker symbol lets players choose a number in the column above the symbol. Also, the super joker enables you to mark any number on the 5x5 grid, while the free spin symbol gives you an additional chance to win.

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You can scoop additional points during the game by winning horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or creating a full house. After that, the gamer with the most points in the multiplayer mode gets the premium prize. Of course, this is primarily down to luck, although some Slingo variants come with bonus rounds, similar to online slots.

Speaking of Slingo bonuses, you may choose between three icons to reveal the reward if prompted. Also, players may purchase additional spins in other variants if they’re close to making a full house or more winning lines. Beware, though, that the multiplayer version usually has a time limit. So, use your spins as quickly as possible.

Tips to win playing Slingo online

Like any other online casino game, there are a few strategies to boost your winning odds at Slingo. Below are a few:

  1. The first thing to do when playing Slingo is the carefully read the game rules. While the basic gameplay resembles in most variants, each might have unique features and power-ups.

  2. Also, learn to use your wilds prudently. Don’t always rush to complete the next Slingo. Instead, think ahead by freeing up the center square to unlock future wins.

  3. Lastly, and most importantly, think twice before purchasing those extra spins. In this game of chance, there is no guarantee that extra spins can result in a win. So, don’t purchase the costly spins unless you’re sure of your next move.

Are you ready to play Slingo?

All in all, Slingo is a pretty straightforward game parked with power-ups and special features. The game is a breeze to play and offers you something new away from the one-dimensional video slots and bingo. So, find a regulated online casino and try Slingo today!

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