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Does it make sense to use a strategy when playing the popular game of Roulette, or does it not matter how one chooses to place their bets? What is the best way to play Roulette?

On this page, we'll try to explain some of the best Roulette betting strategies so anyone can use them. Anyone is able to decide what and how much to bet on a well-known ball game, but where the ball goes - that’s a matter of luck.

We’ll review the best betting strategies for Roulette, but first - some very important tips. After that, it’s time to check out each Roulette betting strategy and to which category it belongs.

Best Roulette Strategies

Pro Roulette Tips - The Best Way to Play Roulette

While playing Roulette in a great online casino, it’s important to remember the following tips and strategies. It's easy to lose sight when real money is involved, even when there’s a solid plan in place. Therefore, players shouldn’t assume anything beforehand. Here are some simple tips for winning at Roulette that are easy to remember:

Sticking to European & French Roulette

Players should always go for European or French Roulette - and that’s it. Doing so will reduce the house’s edge and increase the players’ spin beating the odds. The odds in American Roulette benefit the house because of double zero.

Maintaining Stability & Establishing Limits

Players should always set a limit on how much money they’re willing to lose or win at the Roulette wheel and stick to it. If, after 10 minutes, a player has already made a profit or lost their original deposit, they should stop playing.

Players risk giving up their profits or even experiencing further losses if they don't. Whenever a pro player reaches their profit objective, they simply stop and go home with the wins.

Playing Easy Bets

It’s simply smart to make easy and risk-free bets. While the payouts on some bets appear larger, the odds of winning are much lower. The chances of winning with any combination of red, black, even, odd, or the numbers 1-18 and 19-36 are very close to even.

It’s also important not to forget that even if red has been a loser 15 times, the odds of black winning aren’t any better than before.

Enjoying the Game

Roulette is only worth it if the game makes fun. Even though there are different types of Roulette strategies to win, it's clear that the game also relies on luck. Everything in life is subject to random events, and no plan can guarantee achievement.

Keeping These Tips in Mind

If players remember the aforementioned tips while playing Roulette, they should have a fantastic time. The game's hilarity and adrenaline surge are fully realized when the ball is rolled, and the bet is placed.

However, players will be sorely disappointed if they play with the expectation of winning money. It’s time to set limits and stick to them. If players lose, they should bear in mind that they paid the price for the fun and excitement they experienced, and if they win, it gives them a treat.

Suppose a player goes into the game with an optimistic attitude and the knowledge that he or she will occasionally win and lose. In that case, Roulette can be a thrilling pastime whether they play it online or in a real casino.

The Best Strategies for Roulette

It would be irresponsible and wrong to argue for a particular Roulette strategy. Destiny and randomness are still significant components of the game. Players can't predict where the ball will fall, but they can pick the type and amount they wager.

Red is the only color that can potentially fade away without stopping, but this has never happened in practice. In this example, we'll explain two of our favorite ways to play Roulette.

Parallels can be drawn between the James Bond books and the use of the Martingale system. Both approaches are simple, entertaining, and potentially lucrative. This and numerous other strategies are explained in detail below.

Roulette strategies can be categorized into progressive, non-progressive, and human categories. We have spent endless hours playing Roulette and trying different strategies, and we can give our readers our honest opinion on them all.

Progressive Roulette Systems

The odds of a Roulette game increase after a loss. This endeavor is directed toward recovering from a deficit and moving forward in the black. There are a lot of strategies that belong to this system.

How and by how much players raise the stakes after a losing turn is a matter of strategy, playing technique, and how much money they’re willing to risk. Let's take a look at some of the more common roulette strategies.

The Roulette Martingale Strategy

Anyone who’s done any reading about a Roulette betting strategy has probably come across the Martingale system. This strategy is extremely simple to use, and with adequate resources and determination, it can yield excellent results.

However, it’s important to only play classic Roulette games like French or European with the La Partage rule, as players will not lose their entire wager if the zero falls but will get another chance to play for free.

In American Roulette, there is a double zero in addition to the single zero, which naturally decreases the players’ odds if he or she plays on opportunities that are easy to win, like the Martingale Roulette strategy.

What’s also important to know is that there’s the reverse Martingale system, which basically works by doubling the upcoming bet right after a loss. This strategy is even riskier, although it can generate some solid wins.

The James Bond's Strategy

After his meeting in Casino Royal, James Bond has also run into casinos in a few of his other missions. Here, a $200 bet is the perfect starting point. Three separate wagers totaling this amount are placed.

The high digits 19-36 must get a $140 wager. The final $10 is a bet on zero, and $50 is wagered on the six digits 13 through 18.

Similar drawbacks to those of the Martingale can be found in the James Bond betting strategy. Plus, players must adhere to the strategy and not stray from it by placing additional bets. It should be remembered that this method still relies on chance, just like all other systems.

The Paroli Strategy

In contrast to the Martingale system, the Paroli system increases the bet after each win until the money is quadrupled. If players bet a chip on black and win, for instance, they will be given an additional chip as a prize.

In Paroli, if players win three hands in a row, they can keep playing with their original bet plus the winnings. If players lose just one round with this strategy, their bet will be restored to its original amount. This system is less risky because it allows players to raise their stakes after a few games if they’ve won some money.

The D'Alembert Strategy

D’Alembert is named after the French scholar Jean Baptiste le Rond d'Alembert. The D'Alembert system is one of the risk-averse strategies that players tend to adore.

It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to use this roulette strategy to win, as it requires players to increase or reduce their bet amount after every bet made, regardless of whether they win or lose.

The Labouchère Strategy

The Labouchère system offers a slightly distinct strategy in contrast to other approaches. It all starts with setting a budget goal. Let's say a player wants to make $20 this go-around.

This total is then subdivided into smaller sums so that each bet has a chance at winning a proportionate share of the pot.

If players wanted to win $20, they could divide that sum in any number of ways that added up to twenty. It's a good idea to write down this split so that nobody gets confused while participating.

The Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci sequence is a list of integers that sum the two we gave you previously. The Italian mathematician and philosopher Fibonacci is widely credited with popularizing these numbers in Europe. The collected numbers have now been put to use in one of the most popular Roulette strategies.

Various Other Innovative Roulette Strategies

Many other strategies exist. Some of these include the Montante Hollande system, the Whittacker progression, the Goldstein progression, and the Fitzroy system, all of which are analogous to the aforementioned in terms of playing style and pros/cons.


Finding the best way to win Roulette may be hard sometimes - although it’s possible. Along with understanding the roulette rules and strategies of the game, it is also important to be familiar with other key features such as the Roulette table payout. This fundamental aspect of the game determines the amount of money you stand to win based on the specific bets you make, and can have a significant impact on your overall profitability.

Nevertheless, the most important aspect of playing at online casinos is doing so responsibly. That’s why our goal is to inform readers properly and help them to make the appropriate choices and find the best Roulette strategy.

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