Online Keno Variations: The Different Types of Keno Online

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They say that variety is the spice of life, and that's certainly true when it comes to online Keno variations. From traditional Keno to exciting new twists, available games are constantly evolving.

Here, we'll explore the different types of Keno available online. We hope players will find the perfect version to suit their style and preferences.

Online Keno Variations: The Different Types of Keno Online

Online Keno Variations: Main Rules and Features

Keno is a popular lottery-style game that originated in China and has spread across the world. While the basic gameplay remains the same, several variations have emerged over time. Each of them has its own set of rules and unique features.

Here are a few of the most popular types of Keno online games players might encounter:

  • Classic Keno: This is the standard version of Keno. Players select up to 20 numbers from the 80 options on a board. Then, they hope to guess right as many picks as possible when 20 numbers are drawn.
  • Mini Keno: In this case, 10 balls are drawn from 40, instead of 20 balls from 80. The payout rules will also be different, but the rest won’t change much. In this format, the game rounds are quicker, which attracts many people.
  • Power Keno: The main difference in Power Keno is that, in this case, players can also choose a "power number" — or more than one — before each round. Then, the game gives a higher payout if the last ball drawn matches one of the picks.
  • Super Keno: Super Keno allows players to place a "super bet" that increases their potential winnings. Players will win big if they pick the first number drawn. The multiplier in this case is normally between 4x and 10x.
  • Live Keno: Evolution has released a version of Keno with a live dealer and the name “Mega Ball”. In this case, the rules will be similar to those of the classic version. But there are 51 balls to be drawn, instead of 80, which affects the payouts.

Exploring the different variations of Keno online gives players a chance to discover new ways to play this exciting game. In any case, playing Keno online has many advantages. It can be an accessible and exciting way to spend time and — if the player is lucky — win big.

What are the best variations of Keno?

That's a tough question. At the end of the day, it depends on the player's preferences. Many elements can impact our experience when playing Keno.

Some might prefer Power Keno, with its ability to multiply winnings by four. Super Keno offers a chance to win even bigger with a progressive jackpot. But it’s not only about money. Many users are enjoying the experience of playing Live Keno because a real person is calling the numbers.

In short, the best variation of Keno is the one that tickles our fancy. So the best we can do is test a few options and go for the variation that suits our main needs.

Best Keno Casino Sites

Finding the best Keno casino sites may be a real challenge. After all, there are many operators with different versions of this game available for users.

When choosing a website, players should focus on elements like:

It is also important to have other quality games available. For those looking for something similar to Keno, video bingo and online lotteries will always be a go for it.

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What are the different variations of Keno online?

The different variations of Keno online include Classic Keno, Power Keno, Super Keno, and Live Keno, among others. Each type offers unique features, such as multipliers, faster rounds, and different betting options.

Which keno is best to play?

The best Keno game to play is subjective, as it depends on the player's personal preference. We recommend trying different variations before deciding. Factors to consider include the odds of winning, the payout structure, and the level of excitement.

What games are similar to Keno?

Games that are similar to Keno include Bingo, Lottery, and Scratch Cards. These games share common features with Keno, such as selecting numbers and waiting for a draw to determine the outcome. However, each game has its own unique characteristics and gameplay.

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