February 17, 2021

Debunking Common Online Casino Myths

Kwabena Ofori
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When the internet started invading our homes in the 90s, it opened up a world full of opportunities. Not only can people now access information and goods with much ease, but punters can also play casino games on gambling sites. But like with any other emerging industry, there have been some misconceptions and negativity surrounding online gambling. So, let’s cut to the chase and debunk some common online casino myths.

Debunking Common Online Casino Myths

Myth #1. The Games Are Rigged

Rigging is one of the most prevalent complaints surrounding online casinos. But is it true that you can’t beat the system? First of all, the punter doesn’t sit in a physical casino room. Thus, most of them believe the games favor the house. That is true to some extent because all online casino games have a house edge.

But they make up for that with RNG (Random Number Generator). This system generates millions of possible results per second. That ensures the game outcomes are random, and there is no result manipulation whatsoever. Therefore, punters have as many chances of winning as losing it.

Myth #2. Winners Don’t Get Paid

This is another problem that has been existing in the online gambling world. But you’re only likely to lose your wins if you play in a non-regulated online casino. The best online casinos usually abide by gambling regulations where they operate. That includes paying full player winnings and on time. Therefore, do proper research before trusting an online casino with your money. Check out the available regulatory body and dig out some reviews over the internet.

Myth #3. Underage Players Are Allowed

False! Kids can’t play online casino games. Most countries prevent persons under the age of 18 years from participating in land-based and online gambling activities. Regulated gambling sites require players to undergo rigorous ID verification procedures before depositing or withdrawing money. So, unless your child uses your ID documents and bank details, you can rest assured that they can’t participate in real-money gambling online.

Myth #4. Bonuses Can’t Win You Anything

Because of the stiff competition, casinos attract players by giving mind-blowing bonus promotions. These rewards are to provide players a front foot to win free money. However, some bonuses have untenable wagering requirements. Some require players to wager huge sums before withdrawing the money. So, read the casino bonus terms and conditions carefully before committing.

Myth #5. The Games Freeze During a Winning Streak

There have been numerous reports from disgruntled players that some casino games freeze or slow down during winning sessions. But here is the thing. If you’re enjoying a winning run, the casino will happily let you continue playing as the house always wins eventually. Simply put, the more a player bets, the more likely they’ll lose due to the house edge. When the games freeze, it’s more likely due to bad luck or poor internet connection.

Myth #6. Wins Are Possible Only During Certain Hours

Here is one of the most widespread online casino misconceptions ever. Most players think that winning an online casino game is only possible during certain hours. But wherever this rumor came from, it’s definitely false. It can be that you simply have a cold streak, then you get lucky during a specific time. Unless that is the game design, you’re most likely to win anytime, anywhere. As mentioned earlier, RNG is the primary determinant, not peak hours.


There are undoubtedly many online casino misconceptions that it’s impossible to list all at once. As you already know, rumors move fast, especially during this internet era. So, it’s up to you to believe in reality or myths. Just make sure you play on a safe and regulated online casino and forget about the misconceptions above. Have fun!

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