Basic Blackjack Tips: A Winning Guide 



It is generally accepted that blackjack is one of the online casino games player's favourite if not the most loved. This is usually based on the higher payout it gives due to its relatively low house edge. This edge of the house in blackjack is small and can go as low as 3%. A player with some solid tricks can keep fishing big on this easily. 

Basic Blackjack Tips: A Winning Guide 

While most people will think you need to be a mathematical guru to outsmart the Blackjack online casino, yes, this can be true but again some tips which if stuck with can make you outshine expertise skills. You only have to stick to your guns doing the most basic, needing no extravagance abilities and you will be winning however with a lot of focus channelled in.

This article will be looking at those key tips; the winning tips! 

You Want to Win? Do these Tips 

Before going into the nitty-gritty, the most basic tips of Blackjack are practically down to being alert and knowing when to split, double down, buy insurance (don’t for this habit), and when to take that important hit.

  • Always ensure you Split 2s, 3s, 6s, and 7s and 8s but certainly not when the dealer has a 7 or higher. 

  • Ensure to always Double down with a cumulation of 10 but again not when the dealer has a 10 or an ace.

  • Again, you should endeavour to Double down with 11 but not when the dealer has an ace to spare. 

  • The best time to take a hit is when you have 11 or lesser. 

  • The other occasion you can take a hit is when you have between 12 and 16 and the dealer’s card is 7 or of higher value. 

  • Ideally, never attempt to take any further hit when you possess a hard hand if 17 or greater. 

  • However, if you are on a soft 17, or smaller, do not hesitate to take a hit. 

  • Whenever you realize the dealer has a 6 or lesser value and you are on soft 18, take the hit. 

The above are not strategies but just tips and tricks to make whatever strategy adopted more efficient turning the odds in your favour. 

Next, I will reveal a secret to fortify your mental strength while playing blackjack . This game requires you to keep a positive attitude from start to finish or you could be finished, let's go:

  • A winning streak is good when you are experiencing but ride it with caution. Have in your head that there is nothing like a winning streak as a guide, hence never bet foolishly or over-bet.
  • Playing extensively is dangerous, ensure that at a regular interval, you take a deserved break to either grab water to drink, snack, or just take a walk to freshen up your head. 
  • Alcohol? Never try to game and booze at the same time, it will impede your judgement starting from losing your concentration. 
  • Avoid being sold the myth of Hot and Cold. It is common to make you believe there is a Hot and Cold table or Hot and Cold dealers. It's all fallacies. 
  • Do not play under pressure or having an odd feeling the dealers will cheat you... They are always top professionals but you can tip the dealer if you wish so especially in the live blackjack table. 
  • Ensure an automatic card shuffler is used at all times, it helps to beat any form of simulation or card tracking if anyone tries to play smart. 
  • Do not sell the superstition that picking a certain sitting position favours, it will unsettle you if results go otherwise in the early game time. 
  • In a blackjack, taking the Insurance 80% of the time leads to a losing bet. Risk it only if keep good tabs on the number of aces and 10-cards that could be left in the bunch of cards yet to be played, otherwise, avoid it! 
  • Again, never get carried away by your emotions playing card games. It will certainly get at you but your ability to remain calm and unflinching, your chance of getting the better results. 
  • Do not betray yourself by forgetting the strategy you have chosen to use. Make sure it is well marked out in a piece or chart, memorize it if you have to because this will determine your moves, when to take a hit, stand, double down, to even split decision. It is literarily your game guide. 

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