Poland Gaming Authority

Poland is one of the numerous European countries that enforce heavily restrictive regulations in regard to online casinos. The Poland Gaming Authority is the regulatory body charged with enforcing the gambling laws in the country and issuing licenses to businesses that are eligible. Currently, only a handful of sports betting institutions is licensed by the Poland Gaming Authority with no online casino options making the cut. Poland regularly blocks the ISPs of foreign-based online casinos and prevents banks from processing transactions for these sites. Online casinos registered in other European Union countries can apply against being blacklisted by the Polish regulator under EU laws, however, such claims are slow to process and don't always yield positive results.

Poland Gaming Authority
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Online Casinos Licensed By The Poland Gaming Authority

To date, there is no online casino that has been granted a license by the Poland Gaming Authority. This is down to the restrictive laws imposed on gambling by the Polish government, with the regulator using many powers at its disposal to prevent online casinos from operating within the country. Currently, only several sports betting businesses are legally licensed to operate by the Poland Gaming Authority which leaves players in the country with minimal options. It's typical for foreign-based online casinos to be blocked by internet providers in Poland, with transactions also being prevented by Polish banks; making playing online games of chance difficult for Polish customers.

With the use of VPNs, and some European online casinos that have appealed to being blocked by Poland offering services to customers in the region, Polish players still regularly seek out online gambling opportunities. Though it has been suggested and may yet happen, no enforcement action is known to regularly take place against individual players in Poland who access international online casinos; with regulatory action predominantly aimed directly at the businesses themselves. As such, many Polish residents continue to gamble online with minimal fear of consequences.

About The Poland Gaming Authority License

As has been discussed previously, online casinos are currently unable to get a license from the Poland Gaming Authority. Laws surrounding gambling are tough, and online casinos face being blocked by the authorities with banks regularly refusing to process transactions too. Despite the heavy restrictions, some online casinos based in other European countries do provide services for Polish residents and even offer their websites in the Polish language options. It may be more difficult, but players in Poland do enjoy gambling online away from the small number of sports betting institutions that are legally licensed; with minimal means of enforcement against individual players further encouraging the use of overseas businesses to play games of chance.

Safe Online Gambling In Poland

Whilst an online casino license isn't yet available from the Poland Gaming Authority, the European Union has laws that enable businesses to make claims against being blacklisted by the regulatory body in Poland. The EU also applies pressure on Poland to make changes to its gambling regulations so that it can become compliant with EU laws. Despite the restrictions, Polish players can remain safe whilst gambling online by checking that the online casinos they use are licensed by other European countries such as Malta or the UK. Such licenses demonstrate a casino is operating fairly and has security protocols in place that protect customers and their data. User reviews can also be an effective way of establishing the credibility of an online casino.

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