RTP Review and Social Casino Games



First things first! It is only fair that an online gambling enthusiast worth their title understands what exactly RTP is and how it works in online gaming. In simple terms, RTP measures the percentage of stakes a game return to players. It generally defines how a casino game will perform.

RTP Review and Social Casino Games

Unlike in other online games, when it comes to social casino games, RTP never features anywhere as these games are purely meant for entertainment. Social casino games are a combination of online games and social media. In social casino games, real money is never part of the game so players must never expect real cash prizes.

How Does Online Casino Games Work?

RTP is basically the amount of money a game pays. For instance, in the case of slots, the RTP is usually 96.50%. This means that for every $100 wagered, the game delivers back 96.50%. But the most important thing is understanding each game's RTP and its information is available online.

Most online casinos are very clear and open when it comes to RTP and very few will hide this information from players. However, the RTP value differs depending on a casino as software developers also offer different rates for players to choose from. Thing is, most developers, provide these details to help players make informed choices.

There's No Such Thing As RTP Figures In Social Casinos

Since social casino games are purely for entertainment, RTP figures are not always featured. Actually, in most cases, these games are played using virtual coins which means that there are no real cash deposits and neither are their real cash winnings.

In essence, information on RTP is non-existent in social casino games. This is not a big deal as these games are meant for fun. The only instances where players might be required to put in money is maybe when they want to achieve a certain milestone or when they want to accomplish certain missions.

Why Social Casino Don't Feature RTP Percentages

Social casino games and other online casino games might be similar but they are two distinct entities. The gameplay and everything else might seem similar but there's the money aspect that differentiates them. The reason why social casinos aren't compelled to state their RTP is that money doesn't change hands.

The bottom line is that a player would never be scammed when playing social casino games. As much as the RTP isn't stated, there is nothing to lose anyway since no money is involved. Social casinos are for entertainment and therefore not regulated for instance by authorities that govern online gambling.

Social Casinos and RTP Percentage: All You Need To Know

Social casinos offer the same fun as other online casino games. A look at RTP in online casinos and why social casino games don't offer RTP percentages.

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