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Handelsbanken is one of the biggest Swedish banks. It caters to international clientele, mostly targeting customers from Northern Europe. Among its customers are punters, who use the payment service for deposits and withdrawals from online casinos.

The bank has had a good reputation for the more than 150 years it has been in operation. It is known for reliability, good security, and efficient customer service, making it a great payment method for most punters.

Most casinos based in Northern Europe list Handelsbanken among the payment options meaning punters do not struggle to find online casinos accepting the payment method.

How to Make a Deposit with HandelsbankenHow to Withdrawal via Handelsbanken
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How to Make a Deposit with Handelsbanken

How to Make a Deposit with Handelsbanken

Using Handelsbanken to deposit funds to an online casino is quite easy. Punters must first ensure they have a Handelsbanken bank account and the account has enough funds for the deposit. The online casino must also support the Handelsbanken payment method.

Players must first log in to their online casino accounts or create an account if they are new to online gambling. They can then go to the casino’s banking page and find the Handelsbanken deposit option. Clicking on the option will redirect users to the Handelsbanken online banking page, where they must log in using their credentials.

After a successful login, the next steps are to input the amount to be deposited, confirm all the details are accurate, and authorize the transaction. If the payment is made successfully, the funds will instantly be deposited into the punter’s casino account. However, it might take a few minutes if payments are made to a casino based in different countries.

Deposit Fees and Limits

Handelsbanken usually does not charge any fees for deposits to casinos. However, international transfers might attract currency conversion fees, which the bank charges. The minimum deposit limit is €10, which may vary in different online casinos. The maximum deposit amount is SEK 10,000 a day.

How to Make a Deposit with Handelsbanken
How to Withdrawal via Handelsbanken

How to Withdrawal via Handelsbanken

Handelsbanken is a great option for making withdrawals from an online casino. Punters must first log in to their casino accounts and check their account balance before starting the withdrawal process. The account balance should be more than the minimum withdrawal amount allowed. It is also advisable for punters to go through the withdrawal terms and conditions of the casino before starting the process to ensure they do not make any violations.

Next, the player navigates to the withdrawal section on the banking page. Most casinos usually have all the supported withdrawal methods populated on a list. Punters can go through the list to find Handelsbanken and click on it.

A pop-up page appears, on which the punters must fill in the banking details, such as the bank account number to which the withdrawn funds will be sent and the amount to withdraw. The last step is submitting the withdrawal request, which the punters should do only after confirming all the provided information is correct.

Processing Time

The time taken for online casinos to process Handelsbanken withdrawal requests usually varies in different casinos. It mostly depends on how quickly the casino assesses the withdrawal request and approves the transaction before releasing funds. Typically, it takes between three days and two weeks.

Most banks usually send notifications to the account holders to inform them when the money has been deposited to their account by the online casinos. Something to note is that punters cannot use the funds withdrawn to gamble during processing, irrespective of how long it takes.

The withdrawn amount is usually taken off the online casino account balance immediately after submitting the withdrawal request. Handelsbanken does not charge withdrawal fees irrespective of the withdrawn amount. However, some casinos may charge withdrawal processing fees.

Withdrawal Limits

Handelsbanken withdrawal limits vary from one online casino to the next. Most casinos usually have a lower limit of €10, but that may be much higher for high roller casinos. The maximum withdrawal limit is SEK 10,000 per day, which is the maximum transaction amount Handelsbanken allows. However, the limit can be lower in some casinos.

Is It Possible to Withdraw Via Mobile?

Handelsbanken allows punters to use smartphones to withdraw funds from their casino accounts, as long as the casinos are mobile-friendly. The withdrawal process is generally the same as when using a PC. The only difference can be in the user interface, especially for online casinos that have mobile apps.

How to Withdrawal via Handelsbanken
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