Top Online Casinos in Austria

Austria is a well-developed german-speaking country in central Europe. Austria has a long history of gambling with a fully regulated level of online gambling regulations. Multiple forms of gambling activities are legal and offered to Austrians by online casinos with some restrictions.

Most international online casinos are available to offer their services to Austrian players without a domestic license. For Austrian-based casinos, they are allowed to offer their services only to Austrian players.

As an Austrian casino player, you can play from a licensed Austrian-based casino or international licensed casino not necessary licenses by Austrian authorities. In addition to that, Austrian players are well protected when playing at online casinos with foreign operations.

Finding a trustworthy online casino is not an easy task. We have navigated the legal landscape of casinos in Austria and ranked the best online casinos for Austrian players to play at.

Top Online Casinos in Austria
Online Casinos in Austria

Online Casinos in Austria

The official name of this country is the Republic of Austria and it has a long and rich history. These days, Austria is one of the most developed countries in Europe. Its economy is booming and pretty much every sector is profitable, which is why the people living here are very stable when it comes to the financial state.

There are many things and activities that Austrians are fond of, but the one that is going to be covered is gambling. Austria is a true example of over-complicating laws and regulations when it comes to gambling regulation. The reason for that is because the law in Austria categorizes casinos and small gambling, which makes it hard for many people to understand how this activity is regulated here.

The gambling laws in this country are both provincial and national. Not only that, but the state holds a monopoly over the market, which is why it was heavily criticized by the European Court of Justice. That is also the reason why the public interest here has been focused on changing these regulations for quite some time.

Yes, gambling-related activities are legal in Austria, but they are subject to numerous restrictions. These activities are strictly regulated by the government. Proper gambling is allowed only in casinos, while small gambling is pretty much allowed everywhere.

Both land-based and online casinos are legal to operate in Austria, but they do face some restrictions when it comes to their work. The federal law that regulates these facilities is known as Glücksspielgesetz, or the Law on Games of Chance. In 2017, an addition to the law was proposed – this new addition would be able to block IP addresses to non-licensed casinos. Additionally, there are a total of 15 casino licenses and 12 of them are given to Casinos Austria.

That is the reason why the Austrian gambling market is actually a big monopoly – one company controls numerous casino games and has a total monopoly over the lottery.

Online Casinos in Austria
History of Gambling in Austria

History of Gambling in Austria

The history of gambling in Austria takes us back all the way to 1751. This year marks the first lottery in the country – the Genova Lottery. An interesting fact about it is that this lottery is being held to this day.

As time passed by, numerous new lotteries were introduced in the country. Class lottery was added in 1912, in 1986, Austrian Lotteries introduced the 6 of 45 drawings. This format is currently the most popular form of lottery in the country.

Online gambling in Austria became very popular during the 2010s. This is around the same time when online casinos started gaining global recognition and were accessed by many people from all around the world. The laws on online gambling were the same as the ones for land-based operators. A valid license must be possessed if the online casino wants to offer its services to the residents of Austria.

But, the problem with both land-based and online gambling is that it is under a monopoly by the government. That is the reason why the regulation of these activities caught the public eye and they started asking for a change.

Gambling Nowadays in Austria

These days, gambling is a fairly popular activity in Austria, but due to the fact that it has many restrictions, the residents in the country are asking for a change. The monopoly on the market has become intolerable.

As for online gambling, Austrians are able to access online slots that are licensed by Austrian operators – Casinos Austria and Austrian lotteries. But, they are also free to access off-shore online casinos. Sports betting is still not regulated that well, so Austrians are more than happy to place bets on sports every once in a while.

History of Gambling in Austria
Future of Online Casinos in Austria

Future of Online Casinos in Austria

The future of online casinos in Austria is really hard to see. The current problem is that the government is regulating this market too strictly and it makes it difficult for private companies to open up and offer their services to the Austrian players.

The good thing about this situation is that the regulations have been criticized by the public recently, and from what it seems, that pressure is only growing. Not only that, but the regulations have also been criticized by the European Court of Justice. All in all, there is a ton of pressure on the government to change these regulations, which is why it is possible that a new Gambling Act may be presented in the future and ease the regulations of this industry.

The new law will eventually make it easier for privately-owned companies to gain licenses and offer their services to the Austrian players. The higher level of competition will lead to better regulation, better games, and overall more benefits for both the government and Austrian players.

However, all of this is a big if, since it all depends on whether the government will combat the pressure or allow a change in the regulations. The next 2-3 years will be crucial and will determine the course of this industry.

Future of Online Casinos in Austria
Austrian Players' Favorite Games

Austrian Players' Favorite Games

Austrian players have numerous online casino games that they consider as favorites. Off the top, the lottery remains a popular game as it is the first legalized gambling game in the country. Next up, sports betting is also one of the most popular activities because this type is not as strictly regulated as the other ones.

Not only that, but Austrians are huge sports fans, especially football, and basketball, and when their love is combined with the fact that sports betting is not that regulated, it is easy to conclude why this game is so popular.

Online Slot Machines in Austria

At number 3, we have slot games. The reason why these games are so popular is that they are allowed in pretty much every corner of the country as they are labeled as small gambling games. There are several slot salons in Austria that contain up to 50 slots and the residents are more than happy to go there to play them. Not only that but when it comes to online casinos, the best online casinos in Austria have hundreds of these games and they come in various themes.

In the recent period, even Bitcoin games started to rise in popularity in Austria. The reason for that is because these games have unique gameplay and come in HD graphics. Not only that but as the name of this category suggests, they can only be played by making Bitcoin deposits. Considering the fact that Bitcoin has been sky-rocketing in value and provides tons of advantages for the users, it is easy to conclude why Austrians are so fond of this currency and the games that are available with it.

Poker in Austria

Poker is the last entry on the list. This game has had quite an interesting history with the regulations in Austria. The French Ministry of Finance declared poker as a game of chance in 2013 and was able to take control of many poker clubs. But, when it comes to online poker, there are no regulations, so players can access them whenever they want.

When Austrian players search for online casino games, they often check who is the game provider of the chosen site. They always look for reputable providers such as Playson, NetEnt, Quickspin, Evolution, Big Time Gaming, Red Tiger, and Yggdrasil. All of these game providers are known for supplying online casinos with HD games which lead to a fun, exciting, and unique gaming experience.

Austrian Players' Favorite Games
Most Preferred Casino Bonus in Austria

Most Preferred Casino Bonus in Austria

Since sports betting and slots are the two most popular games aside from lotteries, the most preferred casino bonuses relate to those types of games. When it comes to sports betting, Austrians are extremely fond of Free Bets as a bonus. With Free Bets, they can wager on the games without having to deposit any money and win real money rewards.

The second most preferred bonus is cashback. Cashbacks are commonly featured in online sports betting and since Austrian players love that category, they are extremely fond of it. Not only that, but many online casinos offer cashback percentages to the players for various casino games, including poker (which also happens to be among the favourites).

Cashback percentages vary from one online casino to another, but in most cases, the way to get higher cashbacks is through loyalty programs. These programs are available for players that have shown continued support of a certain online casino. The higher they move up the scale, the bigger the cashback percentage will be. Additionally, loyalty programs provide players with exclusive gifts, unique bonuses, birthday gifts, higher withdrawal limits, personal account managers, and more.

The last most preferred bonus is Free Spins, which is only available to slot games. Free Spins work similarly to Free Bets. But, in this case, instead of wagering for free, players can spin the wheel on slot games without depositing any money. They are still eligible to win awards after they meet the requirements. The best part about Free Spins and slots is that some slots feature progressive jackpots and there is a chance that players hit the progressive jackpot with a Free Spin. Just a reminder, this type of jackpot can be up to several million dollars.

Most Preferred Casino Bonus in Austria
Online Casinos accepting Austria Euro (EUR)

Online Casinos accepting Austria Euro (EUR)

Are you a newcomer to the world of online casinos in Austria? This guide is your gateway to an exhilarating gaming adventure. We'll focus on casinos that proudly accept the Euro (EUR), providing Austrian players with a convenient and immersive gaming experience.

The Austrian Online Casino Landscape

Austria has witnessed the steady growth of online casinos, offering players an extensive selection of games while facilitating transactions in the Euro (EUR), the currency of choice for many Austrian players.

Advantages of Playing with the Austria Euro (EUR)

Playing in your local currency, the Euro (EUR), brings several compelling advantages:

Currency Familiarity: Playing at Euro (EUR) casinos ensures you maintain control over your gaming budget without worrying about exchange rates.

Secure Transactions: Transactions in Euros (EUR) offer an extra layer of security, guaranteeing smooth and reliable deposits and withdrawals.

Access to Local Payment Methods: These casinos often feature payment options familiar to Austrian players, simplifying the process of funding your account and withdrawing your winnings.

Exploring the Top Austria Euro (EUR) Online Casinos Sites

For beginners, it's essential to commence your gaming journey at reputable casinos. CasinoRank has thoughtfully curated a list of the finest Euro (EUR) casinos, recognized for their trustworthiness, extensive game selections, and user-friendly interfaces. These casinos provide an excellent starting point for your online gaming adventure in Austria.

Online Casinos accepting Austria Euro (EUR)
Payment Methods in Austrian Online Casinos

Payment Methods in Austrian Online Casinos

Austria's most preferred payment method today is credit/debit cards. They provide players with safe and fast transactions when compared to other payment methods. Deposits with credit and debit cards are instant, while withdrawals have a processing time of a few business days.

E-wallets are also used commonly. They provide players with instant deposits and withdrawals, but the problem with them is that they may charge fees for withdrawing money. Not only that but when players make deposits with e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, they may not be eligible to claim the casino bonuses.

The last most popular payment method is Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency’s popularity has spiked recently as it features all of the biggest benefits from both cards and e-wallets. By using Bitcoin, users can deposit and withdraw money to their account instantly. Fees are not charged for the transactions, and since Bitcoin uses cryptology to provide players with a certain level of anonymity, their security is at a very high level.

Bitcoin at Austrian Casinos

Bitcoin is also the key to many Bitcoin games at some online casinos, which Austrians are very fond of.

Other popular payment methods for Austrian players are bank transfers, prepaid cards, and mobile pay. But, since the processing time and the min/max limits for deposits and withdrawals are a bit different when using these methods, they are not as popular as the once mentioned above.

Payment Methods in Austrian Online Casinos


Everything you need to know about casinos

Are online casinos legal in Austria?

Online casinos are legal in Austria and unlike land-based casinos; they are not strictly regulated. Players are free to access off-shore sites at any time and place. All they need is a stable Internet connection. But, it is important to mention that because online casinos are not regulated well, the government cannot block online casinos that do not have a license.

That means that there is a chance (however small) that players run into scam sites. That it is very important to check whether the online casino of your choosing has a valid license. Some of the most popular regulatory bodies in the world are the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

What does small gambling stand for?

Small gambling is an exception and a loophole in the Gaming Act which allows certain companies to act as gambling facilities. This term means that the so-called salons can have up to 50 slot machines in which people can play these games, but they are only allowed to wager smaller amounts of money on them.

Thanks to this loophole, there are tons of slot salons that operate throughout the country.

Are online casinos safe in Austria?

Austria’s government does not have any specific regulation when it comes to online casinos. Players are free to access off-shore sites, but it is worth mentioning that the government does not ban any unlicensed online casinos. So, players access these sites at their own risk.

What are the most popular games at a casino online in Austria?

The most popular online casino games in Austria are slots, poker, and sports betting. Slots provide the players with simple gameplay, poker is a game of skill and it is much more accessible online than in land-based casinos. As for sports betting, this is an online industry that is not strictly regulated by the government, and since Austrians are fans of sports, they are more than fond of the idea of placing bets online.

Are fees applied when making withdrawals at the online casino Austria?

The fees that are applied vary from one casino site to another. In most cases, online casinos do not charge any fees for both deposits and withdrawals, but that is entirely up to the casino’s policies. Some are known to charge the players, especially when they make withdrawals, which is why you must check the terms and conditions before making any transactions.

What is the most preferred withdrawal method in Austria online casinos?

The number one most preferred withdrawal method in Austria are credit/debit cards as they are extremely safe and provide players with fast transactions. However, e-wallets, bank transfers, prepaid cards, mobile pay, and Bitcoin are also ranked high as they are used pretty often.

In the recent period, Bitcoin has been used regularly at casinos that accept it as a payment method because it features all of the best benefits from each of the aforementioned withdrawal methods.

Who regulates the gambling industry in Austria?

The gambling industry in Austria is fully under the control of the government, specifically the Ministry of Finance. Through the Austrian Gaming Act, the state holds a monopoly on all land-based gambling facilities.

However, companies that provide people with the so-called small-gambling type are able to operate. These salons can have up to 50 slot machines and the people cannot wager on the games with high amounts of money.

Can Bitcoins be used to make deposits and withdrawals?

Whether Bitcoins are accepted for deposits and withdrawals depends on the online casino. Many online casinos started accepting this cryptocurrency as its popularity has been rising recently and because it has tons of advantages over regular payment methods. But, to be sure, you need to check the banking options of the chosen casino site.

Is the lottery regulated in Austria?

The lottery is the first game of chance that was legalized in Austria. These days, Austrian Lotteries holds a monopoly on this market and it is the only licensed operator that can provide the players with this type of game.

Are Bitcoin games available at online casinos in Austria?

Yes, Bitcoin games are featured at many online casinos that offer their services to Austrian players. These games have been on the rise lately and due to the fact that they feature HD graphics and can provide the players with a unique gaming experience, more and more people started accessing them.

These games require the players to make a deposit with Bitcoin, but that is no problem to them, as this cryptocurrency has become one of the most preferred payment methods in the country.